Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Good Problems to Have with a Hot-Seller Book

The fantastic problem in the book world: running out of copies of your book. Dropped-Off Dog (A Mostly-True "Tail") by Catherine Lagorio is the best example of a hot seller and keeping up with demand. In publishing you try to stay ahead of print runs to ensure you maintain stock. In this book's case, it has been off press about two months and selling hotter than hot cakes. As we've juggled and shuffled books back and forth to meet demand, she hit her "out of inventory" moment this morning. So congrats! The good news we pre-ordered more copies. The trepidation -- timing the new order to the demand. Ah, the life of a hot-selling author! You do have to smile though. Give us a few days and then pick up your own copy of this sweet and endearing book about pet homelessness. Find out why she ran out of her first print run so quickly.

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