Thursday, May 29, 2014

To the great Maya Angelou

I saw the great Maya Angelou speaking once. Her words are inscribed in my soul. To be able to touch lives with such authentic wisdom, grace and knowledge is a beautiful talent, and she had that talent in spades. My greatest wish is to be so enlightened and insightful that one day I can provide such inspiration and truth to others. As writers we have an amazing talent to share with the world pieces of our souls -- small parts of ourselves that we can bring to the page. It is an honor and a privilege to be graced with the talents to inspire and motivate other people with words. Maya could use words through her stories to accomplish great emotional feats to change lives. Think about it. The talent and gift to transcend time and space with your words and thoughts to transform lives ... to make other people think ... to challenge people to go inward and consider something greater. It is a monumental responsibility that writers are given from the heavens, and so like Maya Angelous use it wisely. Practice it with great consideration that you too can in fact change the world.

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