Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Marketing and Follow-Up

I recently hit a lag in projects and work. I believe that when faced with business decline you don't spend any time focused on the "deficit" but on the "reboot". Business works that way -- it ebbs and flows. You have flush times and then you have dry times. The overall goal is to get it evened out, but it never seems to work quite that smoothly.

When I worked in corporate one of the ideas I was taught is "outflow gets inflow" -- and I have found that to be true. If you're not marketing (outflow) and reaching out toward new projects you're not going to attract what you need to grow your business.

Tip 1: change your business strategies.

Reinvent or think outside of the proverbial box and be open to stretch into new areas. We tend to fall into routines or ways we attract business. That channel is likely to dry up over time, and that is natural. If a channel dries up then you have to look to new revenue streams and that may require some creative thought or even differently approaching your marketing strategies. I'll give you an example, I've started looking at contract work vs. client work. Contract works means I'm working on contract for a company, but I'm still in charge of my time. Big companies have bigger budgets, and some contract work can be very consistent.

Tip 2: Take charge and tell prospective what you think they need AKA be the expert. 

If you're approaching other companies and you're a business owner, don't apply for the work as a simple worker. A follower follows; a leader leads. Maybe a business never thought of the idea or saw it the way you do. As business leader shows the prospective client what is needed to make business better or increase business. Be the expert! Your expertise will likely inspire and motivate others to think about it differently too.

Tip 3: Do at least 1-3 marketing activities per day.

Do not look at business decline -- ignore it. Focus all your energy on business creation. Make it your personal goal to market and do outreach to one prospective client or customer per day. Even if it's an exercise in "futility" do it anyway. The more you put your name out there the more business you will draw. In maybe in indirect ways you don't understand, but also that is the way the flow of the Universe works (outflow gets inflow). Keep your focus. Make your daily goals. Try different marketing avenues.

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