Friday, May 16, 2014

Nothing Sells Your Business Better than a Book

In my not-thinking-ahead way I got myself into a situation. A local promoter asked me for my speaker's sheet. I haven't been on the speaker's track in two years, and speaking can breathe new life into sales and present new opportunities. Seizing the day, I quickly put together my speaker's sheet and to my surprise I was booked at numerous organizations. Knowing full well that the best way to leverage speaking is to have a product or service to sell, I realized I was now in a bind without anything to back up my talks. Being a quick thinker and a professional writer and author, I took the concept from my presentation and quickly developed a book concept. Problem somewhat solved, right? No. I now have to write that book as quickly as possible to leverage the upcoming opportunities.

So here is my announcement. My new book Nothing Sells Your Business Better than a Book is being written to be released in the next month. Yes, I'm crazy and yes, I'm a publisher so this should be a no-brainer. The book offers business owners and individuals insight into the value and benefit to your business of having a book, and then highlight how to create your marketing platform to support your endeavor and how to publish the book whether through self-publishing or traditional. For readers the value is information on building the marketing platform along with information on publishing -- win-win.

The book will go up for pre-sale in the near future, and I will keep you posted on the blog. For more information, visit my website at

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