Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Award-Winning Author Scott D. Roberts' Next Book Hidden Agenda -- Coming Fall 2014

Tate Holloway is back in a big way after riding the national media attention from capturing and killing the notorious serial killer “The Eye” and in the process uncovering political corruption in the City of San Diego. After being exposed by the media as a male escort and dumped by his girlfriend Nicole, in true Tate fashion he continues his lifestyle vs. recognizing his true feelings for her. All he wants to do is get back to work as a private investigator with his trusted sidekick Rita and attempt to get his life back in order.
A phone call from one of his “regulars,” Bonnie thrusts him into a missing person’s case when her curious nephew, who was interning for the summer in Washington, DC, ends up missing, and she fears foul play. You see, Bonnie isn’t just any attorney. Her law firm represents and handles high-level security clearance matters between the defense department and civilian defense contractors.
In his hunt for Bonnie’s nephew, Tate investigates the possible reason for his abduction and in the process uncovers a potential national security threat in North Africa that is being ignored by the State Department and could potentially implicate the White House. After stirring up problems, once again Tate has to step up his game to elude agents from the various federal agencies who have put out an APB for his capture and evade the nefarious groups and organizations who have put a bounty on his head. Follow Tate on another thrill ride from Seattle to Washington D.C. as he reveals the Hidden Agenda.
For more information on Scott D. Roberts' award-winning book Vengeance is Now, visit the website at  Vengeance is Now is also available on Amazon and in eBook versions for Kindle, Nook and iBook. It is carried upon order in Barnes and Noble and other select bookstores.

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