Monday, May 12, 2014

How to think like an entrepreneur

The business environment regardless of the economy is constantly changing. As a business leader you have to be prepared to reinvent and change. If you're not growing you're shrinking and that's just a flat fact. No business stays stagnant or level or unchanging. The rule is (let me repeat) if you're not growing you're shrinking. So the idea is to keep your eye on business growth and be prepared to look at it over the long term. Has business been growing for a month or shrinking for a month? If you review your long-term growth pattern and it's overall shrinking then it's time to ask why? As you ask "why" and devise answers then your next step is to "solve" not worry. As a consummate worrier I have to push myself into the solution-oriented mindset.

In the solution mode, get creative and think outside of the box. Try different ideas on for size. In my brainstorming session, I realized I had some opportunities on the horizon with a series of speaking engagements coming up. Every speaking engagement represents a plethora of opportunities. The question is: If I have these speaking engagements how do I leverage and wring out every potential sales opportunity? Back-of-the-room sales and information on the company. The next problem was my book on marketing is dated. Solution: time to write a new book. Even better ... in writing a new book I would also be supporting both our marketing and public relations and our publishing business. Not only would I be able to generate book sales, but also I could attract new clients. And here is a bonus: I position myself as a consultant, too. And yet another opportunity, should I decide to take a corporate position and keep 3L Publishing ( operating as a side business, what an incredible extra to give someone along with a resume to cement my knowledge. Who wouldn't be impressed with an executive who hands over a resume and a book on their subject matter expertise?

And BOOM! You have now unearthed why brainstorming and problem-solving is way better than worrying. The exercise I just walked you through is what sets someone like myself apart from Joe worker's mindset. Thinking like an entrepreneur requires vision and creativity. Thinking like a worker doesn't get a business in success mode.

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