Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Morning Musings

I always notice little marketing ploys or things in business that I find absurd. I was out last weekend at Northstar and among the snack shacks (that were closed incidentally) was this little glass-enclosed structure called the Euro Snack. Hmm ... what might the "Euro" Snack sell? Maybe some unique European snack foods (hence the name). I laughed. They offered "French" hotdogs. I thought, where did the hotdog come from? Germany maybe ... but France? I didn't know hotdogs were a French specialty, but to further my amusement they were "frog" dogs. Now I don't know about you, but frog isn't really a common snack food. And it's not necessarily something I want in my hotdog. Well, honestly I don't eat hotdogs unless I'm desperately hungry for non-sugary snacks at the theater (and we'll call that true desperation). It's scary when the ingredients add the word "filler" as in filled with unknown substances. Well, back to the "frog" dog ... are we talking real frog? Now the Bavarian waffle sounded way more intriguing. I'll tell you what. Next time you're in Northstar you buy one of those frog dogs and let me know if you croak. And THAT bada-bing! is my Friday morning musing! ;)

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