Friday, December 6, 2013

What is a Book Coach?

Ooops! I forgot to blog this morning. I am always bragging to people that I blog daily. But do you know how hard it is to keep the words going every single day? Sometimes like today I just have to start tapping away on the keyboard and come up with something meaningful to say about life, business or publishing.

Today I thought I would answer the question: What is a book coach?

I'll start by saying what a book coach is not ... a guy who stands on the sidelines and yells and screams, "Go get 'em boys!" Yes, not a book coach.

A book coach is ...

  • A knowledgable writing expert who guides your novel or even nonfiction book to be written in the correct storytelling or formatted structure.
  • An expert who can tell you and provide advice on:
    • Character development
    • Good vs. bad dialog
    • Story arc and development
    • Ideas and comments on plots and sub-plots
    • Someone simply to hold you accountable to meet your goals
I am working with my own book coach, who is Scott D. Roberts, author of the award-winner book Vengeance is Now ( Scott culls through my book and makes notes and provides comments on what I'm writing and how I am writing it. Now I'm a professional author, too, and my own book won awards too; but the truth is you can get stuck in your own narrow view on your work. If you want your book to be its very best, a fresh perspective helps.

Do you want a book coach? Roberts and myself are both coaches through my company 3L Publishing ( For more information, call 916-300-8012 or send email to 

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