Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advice for the Online Single Guys

I've officially been single now a whole year LOL. Having ventured into the single world and experienced all its "colors" I felt compelled to share some advice for the guys who are trying to meet me on Facebook (in particular). Now buckle up because the advice I'm going to doll out is super hard, you know, like rocket science ;). I am really messing with you. But pay attention guys because if you're doing any of these things ... well, you aren't going to get a date very fast.

Tip Numeral Uno -- Spelling! Punctuation! = Literacy
First, I am a writer and publisher, and that largely known fact is splattered everywhere on my Wall. So, boys perhaps (and this is a big insight) you might dare to think I value literacy. Yes, when you send me a barely readable message where every word is misspelled and you don't know punctuation from adulation, I'm giving you a thumbs-down. Simple attention to detail goes a long ways. Like you would with a resume, your message to the woman of your desire might require you put your best impression forward. If I can't read your message I'm pretty sure we don't have a lot in common. And general advice, most educated women probably feel the same way.

Tip #2 use attractive profile pictures not mug shots or worse, no picture
This tip applies across the board. Whether you are on social media to market your company or meet people, use an attractive profile picture. No, I don't expect you to look like you belong on the cover of GQ, but also I don't want to wonder "what" I'm looking at. No profile picture is just bad form. In that case, I don't want to wonder "who" I'm looking at. If you seriously want to meet a woman, go get a nice profile picture done even if it's from Picture People with all the screaming babies. Twenty dollars later and your money. Truth is we live in a highly visual culture. People like to see people -- it's a very simple, basic premise. People don't like to look at out-of-focus, blurry people at bad angles.

Tip #3 messages with no meaning
Thank you for telling me I'm "gorgeous" or "beautiful" -- that is very nice. A girl likes a compliment for sure, but that statement is not a conversation starter. A message that says, "You're beautiful" gets you no more than a "thank you" and then what? Am I suppose to agree with you? Yes, darling I AM gorgeous! LOL Just give your message some substance. I can't react or respond to statements about my looks.

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