Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Movie Review: Saving Mr. Banks

Rating: *****

Another delightful film just in time for the holidays. Saving Mr. Banks was a wonderful distraction during the bustle of last-minute Christmas shopping. It is a must-go but mostly for adults. It's not really geared toward children so don't get that confused.

The movie chronicles the 20-year "courtship" of Walt Disney to get the author of Mary Poppins to give him the film rights to her books. The prim, proper and uptight Mrs Traverse is so married to her books and story she won't budge an inch. It is only after her financial needs necessitate she sell the rights that she reluctantly gives in and flies to the U.S. to help write the script. Mrs. Traverse isn't an easy sell, and the movie depicts through flashback the psychology and reason why she won't give up her stubborn need to have the story produced down to her every specification.

Sweet and endearing, it was fun to see the world of 1961 Disney and Disneyland back in its early era. I loved the attention to detail and the nostalgia. As a writer I understood Mrs. Traverse more than the average person might. None the less, the story was universal. If you want to see a truly inspiring film for the holidays, go see Saving Mr. Banks.

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