Monday, December 30, 2013

Movie Review: American Hustle

Rating: **

This movie got great reviews by both viewers and critics, but in my review I would give it a mediocre thumbs down. The primary problem with American Hustle is it's a story loaded with unlikeable characters. You couldn't root for any of them -- not the conman or women or the FBI agent. It's always okay to have villains or bad people, but someone in a film needs to have some redeeming traits to make you root for someone ... anyone.

The story is about a con-couple whose crimes get them roped into Abs-cam to get them off the hook. They are forced to con politicians in an elaborate scheme that eventually involves the mafia. The central couple's love for each other is muddied in the casting. The comb-over head conman is unattractive, and the girlfriend is very pretty. It becomes unimaginable why this beautiful woman would get involved with a married, unattractive guy with a kid. Maybe that mirrors real life in some respects, but really if he had been likable the viewer might have understood the attraction, but he was not likable either.

This movie gets a big "no-go" because frankly far better films are released right now. Go see Saving Mr. Banks, Captain Philips or Gravity. Forget this one.

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