Friday, December 20, 2013

Not Feeling Well Friday and More on Book Coaching

Getting a nasty head cold after being four years of cold-free, I am quickly reminded why coughing is painful. You know when you wake up and don't feel well, and the day beckons anyway. Yes, I feel this way. The day is crying to be lived, and I feel like (excuse the profanity) shit. I am missing all the holiday festivities. I haven't left the house all week. Tissues all over my desk. I'm a sick sad sack. I am apparently a productive one though because I finished the first draft of my new book Body in the Trunk.

I am working with my book coach novelist and screenwriter Scott D. Roberts to perfect it. He's been sending me notes, and per his instructions I am on revisions. I love the book coaching process -- it's collaborative on your own project. I used to enjoy working with a writing partner to bounce ideas around, but I also prefer to develop my own projects solo, too. A book coach gives you an opportunity to have someone dedicated to your project who can give you input and guidance to not just write any book, but a great book that will sell. Every book coach has his or her own methods. Scott sends notes and comments. Of course, it's my book so it's up to me to accept or reject those notes; but the point is to listen and take them under advisement. Scott is dead-on with his notes anyway so there hasn't been a single comment I didn't agree with or accept and use.

Many people are surprised a professional writer would need a coach -- especially one that is a publisher and coach, too. For me it's about getting that 180-degree overview. You know the saying, you can't see the forest from the trees. In writing it works the same way. You get too close to the work. You may not see how to make it better or even great. A fantastic coach is the person who can see the big and small picture, and the coach doesn't have the same emotional investment in the work. He or she will just call it. You don't need a coach to pat you on the back and tell you "great job" -- that friends is called your "mother".

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