Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Two Hearts

As I rest in your arms
The top of my head snuggled in the crook
and the faint sound of chimes
in the wind of silence
and in the magnificence of a feeling
spreading throughout my soul
like a slow flow of water
and the coming of the tide.

of the gentle suggestion of the moment
that lingers between us
like a well-spoken inspiration
and quiet smile of appreciation
as we enjoy the true bond of friendship.

of the heart without strings
of the loyalty without question
of the beauty of essence.

in the afterglow of touch
in the slow, sensual nature of kiss
in the quiet laughter of knowledge
in the serenity of perfect connection.

If I say this is love
If I say this is friendship
If say I love you ...

And you love me ...

Then the stillness embraces the joy of two hearts.

~ Michelle Gamble

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