Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The rising tide of drug trafficking in the Caribbean became the inspiration for novel Passenger from Greece to tell an important, but also intriguing story of love, lust, and criminal behavior affecting entire countries and destroying lives.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—In the compelling new novel Passenger from Greece, a cross-genre work of fiction that combines mystery and romance, author Norma Jennings touches on important political and criminal issues. While the book’s intriguing story of exotic, international romance draws readers into an exciting game of love and lust, the story touches on a real-life drama playing itself out – drug trafficking in the Caribbean and serious economic issues in Greece that fuel this trade.

“I read about the rising tide of illegal drug cartels moving their products from more developed countries to the United States, while using the Caribbean as a conduit,” said author Norma Jennings. “My home is Jamaica, and I’m a former flight attendant. I began to think about how I could bring these kinds of issues into the spotlight, but also draw readers in with a captivating story, too.”

Jennings managed to accomplish her goal with Passenger from Greece. Her inspiration comes from major news sources such as a Huffington Post article, which reports increases in cocaine seizures and illicit drug trafficking in the Spanish- and English-speaking Caribbean islands. The article also cited Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic as primary targets, with the Dominican Republic being “the biggest transit point for drugs. A U.S. military assessment projected that 6 percent of the cocaine destined for the U.S. … will pass through the Dominican Republic alone.”

Passenger from Greece explores this controversial and menacing issue in a classic tale of criminal behavior, love and lust. The novel’s main character, Olivia Reid, is a young, feisty, yet innocent international flight attendant from the islands, who embarks on a dangerous adventure, and a seductive affair that spans the Caribbean, New York City and Crete. Eventually, as the flames of desire that consume Olivia are fanned by deception, lust and greed, she painfully finds her way back from a terrifying abyss.

While the book is at its basis a cautionary tale about love-gone-wrong, it also touches on deception at the deepest family level. It explores how familial relationships, flawed characters, secrets and lies can destroy lives and create deeply felt wounds that go straight to the heart.

Passenger from Greece officially releases Oct. 1, 2015 on Amazon and the 3L Publishing website ( It will also be available in select bookstores. The eBook version will be available in Kindle, Nook and iBook.

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