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Scott D. Roberts: Why Not Turn Your Work into TV and Film?

Scott D. Roberts 
Why Not Turn Your Work into TV and Film? 
 June 20, 11am to 1pm
California Writers' Club (Sacramento Branch)
Cattlemen's Restaurant (I-50/Hazel Ave.) in Rancho Cordova
*Non-members may attend luncheon

Why Not Turn Your Work into TV and Film?
Have you ever thought, "My book would make a great movie, but I have no idea where to start?" Join Scott D. Roberts, novelist, screenwriter, producer, actor and director, as he teaches writers all elements of taking a story from page to screen. Roberts is a 25-year veteran of the film and television business. He has worked in almost every role, from assistant to talent agent, to actor to writer, to producer to director. Join him as he discusses:
  • How to sell your book for acquisition
  • Methodologies to adapt a book for screen
  • Unique ways to write captivating and winning "log lines" that attract agents and producers
  • Where and how to find an agent by overcoming the Catch-22
  • Understanding the buying process and knowing the difference between an option or purchase
  • Insider tips and tricks to getting to know the "right" contacts and people

Q. Why should writers think that their work warrants TV or film production?
A. My answer would always be -- why not? A well told story is what TV/film executives crave. Stories unfold in writer's minds whether it's in a book format or a screenplay. The trick is understanding the difference in format.
Q. How has the screen made you a better writer?
A. The major difference between the mediums is the exposition. I enjoy fast paced action and pushing the story forward. Writing for the screen has helped me streamline my writing by showing with words what I want you to see without rambling about the grain in the wood that's on the wall of the office where my characters are standing.
Q. What’s the one question writers always ask?
A. How can I get my book made into a TV/movie?

Scott D. Roberts is the author of the award-winning novel, Vengeance Is Now (VIN), which is the first story in the Tate Holloway series. VIN placed as a finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards and was twice-named “Best in New Fiction” for 2013 by the critics. Roberts is also the writer, producer, and co-director of the international award-winning documentary, "Gas Hole," narrated by Peter Gallagher and is not only preparing to film Gas Hole 2 in 2015, but he and Jeremy Wagener are actively writing the book, The Making of Gas Hole: From Death Threats to a Call From The White House, which will be out in 2016. He's also been a speaker at several conventions and expos and has appeared as a guest on several national TV and radio shows including on MSNBC and Fox News. His latest TV gig was co-writing an episode of the new hit show "Suvivor's Remorse" for the Starz network. He’s written over 50 screenplays and TV shows during a career that spans over 25 years and has had his projects optioned and/or developed by New Line, Warner Brothers, Paramount, MGM, EUE/Screen Gems and Columbia. In 2016, Scott looks forward to sharing the second story in the Tate Holloway series, Hidden Agenda, with his fans and is excited to pen more stories involving the heroic but flawed character of Tate Holloway.

Scott is also president of 3L Publishing (www.3LPublishing), and regularly works with authors to coach their books and write screenplays. He is also a professional ghostwriter and executive editor. You can find out more about him and 3L Publishing by logging onto their website or sending email to

Buy a copy of his novel Vengeance is Now (available in print, Kindle, Nook and iBook) on Amazon:

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