Thursday, May 28, 2015

Body in the Trunk: Chapter 16

Chapter 16

            We were standing on a pristine-white beach. I could yet to see the surroundings. All I could see was white sand everywhere and my focus on the man in front of me: Evan. He was on bended knee. He held out the most unusual ring. It was not a traditional engagement ring. Instead it was white gold with an S-shaped top that had a larger semi-circle. Placed within the setting sat a Tiger Eye stone, a protective gem made of metamorphic rock that was golden brown with a silky luster.
He extended the ring box and smiled. I reached down and first touched his hands and fingers around the box, then I gently plucked the ring. Evan grabbed my arm. He used his other hand to pull out a sheet of paper, and he began to read it to me:
Love is never ending
Our souls are one
You are my other half
You are my sun
My stars
My guiding light
The universe
The planets
I will always love you
Eternity has no end
Our love has no end
It is the ring
The circle of life
The interconnection
The flow
I will see you again
And again
And again
Until the end of time
I love you forever.

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