Friday, May 22, 2015

Body in the Trunk: Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Tim paced back and forth in front of his other brothers. Evan was seated at the end of the conference room table.
Tim was clearly anxious and agitated. “What the hell are you doing? You can’t fuck with this woman. Just get the partnership going. We’ve got limited time. Fly out there and get her to sign the damn papers!”
Ted, the one in the purple tie, got up to soothe Tim whose face had turned red from frustration and anger. He handed his brother a glass of water. Tim drank it and slammed down the glass. Ted was always the calm one and the negotiator between the brothers. He rubbed Tim’s shoulders, but Tim yanked free and began yelling again.
“You know what is at stake here! Our legacy! And what are you doing? Playing footsy with this bitch. It’s already getting harder and harder to hide what you’re doing. And why did we need to do it this way? Really brother? She’s naïve. She hasn’t a clue.”
Evan went over to the hard alcohol and poured a glass of first-class scotch, took a swig, and turned back to Tim. “You worry too much. She’s eating out of my hand. I have a weird connection with her. I’m playing with it.”
Ted stepped in again and touched Evan with a desire to calm him, too. Evan kind of smiled at Ted’s gesture; but Tim moved right up in Evan’s face and yelled, “If you blow this brother, I’ll kill you! Do you hear me? I’ll fucking kill you!”
Ted grabbed Tim by the shoulder, and Tom now stepped up in a defensive maneuver to head off the imminent fight between the three. Tom’s personality was like the balance with the triplets.
Evan moved back up in Tim’s face. “You going to kill me? Not if I do you first, fucker!”
“Stop it! We’re brothers!” Tom finally interceded.
Tim yanked free of his two brothers and continued pacing. “This fuck lost the company in the first place. Can’t keep your prick in your pants,” said Tim with contempt for his little brother. “Now we have a chance to get it back, and what the fuck is he doing? Such bullshit!”
Tim turned and threw the glass at the wall, which shattered it. The brothers all glared at each other when the door opened and Fern popped her head in.
“Jesus, you guys all right?”
Evan glared at her, “Fine. Fine. Go … go file or something.”
“Fuck off,” she said and closed the door.
“Nice,” muttered Evan.
Tim walked over and got right back in his brother’s face and yelled: “See! You fuck this up, and I swear … six-feet under!”

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