Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nothing is Worth Free

Have you ever given anything away for free? Have you ever been surprised when something you're giving away suddenly completely loses its value to the point that you can't give free away at all? Yes, people will turn away from free things, which is hard to believe. You want to know why? Because if value is perceived as worthless than the question gets instilled in their heads, "Well, if you don't want it why should I?" Either free things will get perceived as junk (which is why they're free) or the subconscious mind will think, "What's wrong with it?" or "There's a catch."

As a sales person it will surprise you to know that giving stuff away for free can be just as much work as selling it. So in that respect you might as well sell it.

Here's the real insight: people respond well to DEALS and SALES. While you might not be able to give away anything without weird reactions and "no thank yous" switch your tactic to a sale. Here is how that works: when someone thinks they have gotten a deal or bought something on sale, they then believe they got something special for less the other guy or less than it's worth. Bargain shoppers will work hard to find a bargain, and then have you noticed their pride when they say, "Oh! But I got it on sale."

So when you're doing marketing and positioning products to really get consumer interest, put it on sale vs. give it away. People want to feel there is value in that purchase otherwise it seems worthless and why do they want it? Or they want it and they think it's worthless and treat it like it's worthless. They don't take care of it.

When it comes to intellectual capital, it's even more important to value your knowledge and skill. Do not give people an endless bucket of consultations and free advice. Your time is valuable. Your knowledge priceless. Letting people willy-nilly pick your brain and use your time free-of-charge will get your time and knowledge treated with the same disrespect the person has toward the free item they were given. They won't value it. They'll think it's worthless. OR worse if you give them something like a free proposal or marketing plan they might even take it to your competitor.

As is the case in life, love and friendship, respect yourself. Know your services, knowledge and expertise have value. Don't give it away. In the end, the kind of client or customer you attract will be the kind who respects, values and appreciates your product, knowledge and expertise. And that's a much better deal all the way around.

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