Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Pic, a Poster and Time

I admit it when I am watching obstacles build. I recently have been watching the barriers build like a brick wall -- one after the other. Life loves to build brick walls, but then it's my job to take them down, brick-by-brick. Sometimes when the bricks are too many and the feeling overcomes you, "How am I going to take this one down?" You have to look for a jackhammer.

Today though I sat down up against my current brick wall and just sat and breathed heavy. I can't find the jackhammer or the wrecking ball, but oh! Here's a tiny pic. And in Andy Dufresne style from Shawshank Redemption, I think I'm going to get me a poster, a pic and time. I'm going to pic out a hole to the other side.

And that's the life and business lesson you learn. When it's just a brick, it gets kicked aside. When it's a brick wall and you have no jackhammer, you find yourself a pic, a poster and time. So let's start today! Each moment of the day is an opportunity to use my pic!

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