Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Myths about Book Publishing

We work with new and emerging authors, and we find authors often have perceptions that are inaccurate or sometimes even misguided. So what are some of those ideas?

Professional services are valuable and will cost. If you understand that writing, editing and graphic design are professional services, it will help you place value on what we provide. Professional services are provided with people with higher education, knowledge and most importantly experience. You can't compare our services to walking into a retail outlet or Kinko's and getting behind-the-counter assistance. Each book is handled and worked on for hours and hours. As you know a professional like a nurse, doctor or lawyer doesn't make minimum wage -- and neither does a publisher's staff. If you want your book done right, you hire professionals.

Mistakes galore, money spent, and upset. So many authors come to us with their books loaded with mistakes and complain. Inexperience and three editors later, and they've wasted money and are upset. When I point out mistakes I hear their frustrations. For the record, it's hard to find a good editor and copy editor. I recently told an author that you have to understand there are several style guides and usages (American and British among them). An experienced editor will not only know the variations, but instantly spot those mistakes.

The problem is the word "new" author or inexperienced writer. How is a new author who really doesn't know any better supposed to discern the difference? Our best advice, research and shop and look around. Again, professional services and experience are key. Is the editor a full-time editor with a pedigree and knowledge? Or is he or she a librarian or English teacher (and there is nothing wrong with either profession). While an English teacher might have knowledge of grammar unless this person has edited for publication, he or she may not know the various style guides. Publishing a book is not the same as grading a paper. If a student has a missed mistake, a book reviewer isn't going to point out the gaff or many times gaffs.

Are you looking for editorial assistance? Do you want to work with knowledgeable professionals who can provide assistance and guidance the first time? Do you want to know your money is being invested in someone with the know-how? I suggest you call us at 3L Publishing (www.3LPublishing.com) or send an email to info@3LPublishing.com. We provide over-the-phone consultations, advice, and ideas at no charge. We believe in what we do, and it's disheartening when an author shows up, empty pockets, money wasted, and a manuscript in need of TLC.

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