Thursday, March 5, 2015

Driven to Distraction and Casket Wisdom

Today's topic du jour is about distraction and work-life balance. Since my operations manager position has yet to be filled and won't be until I have complete trust in the person right for the job, I have the details on my plate. As an editor I am generally detail-oriented. These days between operations details, company sales and project work, I find I am driven to distraction. Then I start thinking, "I must be getting old." Well, I did celebrate a birthday yesterday so maybe ... but here are my thoughts on "too many thoughts."

First, life is to be enjoyed and not bogged down. I often remind myself of this "detail" as I begin to feel like some invisible pressure from heaven is bearing down on me. I am my boss. Who exactly is going to chastise me? Oh yeah ... me! So, as my boss I give myself permission to be realistic -- there are only so many hours in the day. Don't play at your desk, of course, but don't be so hard on yourself.

Second, my wise business partner and president of 3L Publishing, Scott D. Roberts says this best. He shared one afternoon after I asked how he managed such wonderful work-life balance, "You're the only one who is going to be put in that casket." (That is, unless you're cremated and then it's about the urn ... LOL). We're going to call this "casket wisdom".

Casket wisdom says important things as Scott has wisely advised. Work doesn't go to heaven (or the next life with you). Work doesn't visit you when you're old. Work is a legacy, yes. But work isn't going to take care of you if you get sick. Casket wisdom also applies to what people think of you. Anyone who judges your life or thinks two cents about your life choices also isn't going to get in the casket and join you.

So casket wisdom is the gauge we should also use as we're distracted, worried about what people think, or concerned about a deadline vs. our kid's school play. I can't take it with me -- and believe me when I say it's not going with you either. What you do as far as karma and those choices is a whole other spiritual decision (and in this case discussion).

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