Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Friend Lessons about Business Value

I had a meeting last night with a long-time business associate about publishing his book. We were talking about the subject of his book, which is life lessons. We started talking about being business owners and entrepreneurs. The subject of holding your value came up. The take away from this conversation inspired me, and it made me think about how important just the idea of "value" is not just to how it comes across to prospective clients or current customers, but also in your body language. How you feel about what you're saying. How it's perceived by others.

A sale happens in the customer's mind. It happens in how they perceive you. It happens in how you truly inwardly feel about what you're selling. What my friend taught me was to know inside first my personal worth and value, and then to project and hold that value outwardly. Not to concern myself about the other person's situation. Know my value and project it. Don't feel bad or guilty about it. Come on now I bet many of you are thinking about it. Do we feel we are not only valuable, worthy and deserve it? Don't give it lip service. Think about it. Because those deeper feelings will inadvertently come out when you're trying to sell your value to customers. Your body language will tell the inward story you may not be willing to admit. Your expressions. Your gestures. How you sit. How you talk. All of these "projections" tell your inward truth whether you know it or not.

Before you go that next meeting, give this blog some thought. Work on your inward beliefs first. Then hold the line. My friend also brought up feelings about money and financials as a part of this entire formula, but that is a blog for another day.

Know you're valuable. Know you're there already. Know you're worth. Hold it to your heart and mind as true. If you have to go to the mirror and give yourself a pep talk before a meeting, do it. Go into your meeting with enthusiasm and belief, and the number you ask for your services will be the number you get.


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