Monday, March 2, 2015

Maybe Everyone has a Book but not Everyone can Write

3L Publishing's ( mission is to work with new and emerging authors to help them achieve their dreams. We strive for excellence in everything we publish, and as a result our books win awards and sometimes go on to become Amazon top sellers.

Many people often have a book or a story to tell, but they aren't professional writers. Some of these people come to us for ghostwriting services or book coaching. We specialize in these services.

You might be surprised to know sometimes would-be authors show up with absolutely nothing but an idea. We can help them develop the idea and then write it. It might surprise you to know that if we're going to ghostwrite a project, we prefer the author to show up with the idea in mind vs. a weak manuscript. Why? Because a weak manuscript becomes the author's disappointment when we start revising it. They sometimes feel like it was a waste of time or maybe we don't want them to have wasted their time.

Working with an author right from the genesis means it is closer to finished than the other way around. Imagine it is like trying to shove a puzzle together where all of the pieces don't quite fit. It looks kind of clumsy and not ... well, fitting. When an author brings the idea, and we work together to develop it into a masterpiece that critics will praise, it truly takes less time. We're working hand-in-hand with the author to ensure the story is being told in a way that is captivating.

Now we do work with authors who have manuscripts and "coach" them into perfection, too. That job is equally as rewarding. Weak manuscripts can either be structurally and organizationally not sound or the grammar, syntax and style is wrong. I have authors show up with books where the story was fascinating enough for us to take the project, but I've overhauled every single sentence (no exaggeration).

So, if you're an author and you have an idea don't worry about your skills. Don't worry whether or not you can write like the pros -- that is what ghostwriters do. If you need to just get your idea out there and published, and you want to ensure it's the very best it can be, call us at 916-300-8012 or send an email to

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