Thursday, September 11, 2014

What's my line?

I am looking forward to the book festivals getting started. The funny stories await me. People are really something to watch, and book festivals almost always supply the "moments". Speaking of the moments ... so I meet 3L Publishing author Scott D. Roberts for lunch to discuss his forthcoming book Hidden Agenda. We're both kind of wise cracks, and he comes up with the absolutely best line that is what they call in the commercial "priceless". So here is why if you're a creative person you should always either keep a notepad (albeit your cell phone works too) by your bed (you know to capture dreams) or at least keep one in your pocket. Three days later, he texts me, "What was that line again?" It's a great line and now he wants to use it in the book -- and he can't remember. I couldn't remember the exact words, which were succinct and crisp. Lesson numeral uno: you never know when greatness will strike so you better keep a pen and paper in-hand ... somewhere. Maybe your glove compartment in your car. It's like meeting a fabulous contact and not having a business card. Do you remember the days when we had to actually (gasp) memorize phone numbers?

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