Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Just to Make You Older Folks Laugh -- Typewriter What?

This morning's adventure in the sublime and humorous -- a form in which they insisted I TYPE in the answers. Type? Huh? What? Does anyone actually own a typewriter anymore? Last I checked my IBM Selectric was sold in a yard sale about 20 years ago. I had a Royale too -- you know for term papers.

I can't imagine typing anything nor can I even think of white-out smudges. The only thing retained from the days of yore (typewriters) is knowledge of the keyboard. I am a fast typist. I can type probably 100 words per minute or better. It's a brain-to-fingertips gift. Do you even remember when rewriting required white-out and what was it? That eraser "thingy" (my friend uses the word "thingy" all of the time). I just remember how important it was to get erasable typing paper; but you better get your thoughts down right the first time. No revising for you! Revising required re-typing. Good lord and no way. My now-computer-trained brain grimaces at the thought. How in the world did the literary greats endure such hardships? Oh, yeah! They hired typists. You know some people actually still hire typists. A writer recently confessed she still hand-writes her books. My mind reeled between awe and horror. I used to have a tremendous callous on my third finger from all that writing -- and a lot of empty ink pens. In fact, my girlfriend used to marvel at my ability to completely empty a Bic pen.

Those of you who just walked down memory lane with me, I am certain are not in their 20's and maybe not even in their 30's. "Typwriter! What's that? Oh, yeah! That 'thingy' I saw in the ancient artifacts museum."

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