Monday, September 29, 2014

KISS is the Best! Are You Listening, Apple Computer?

Keep it Simple Stupid... how many times did I hear that in high school? We'll distill this down to keep it simple, period. I'm not a fan of calling anyone stupid -- although some moments warrant the descriptor or moniker depends on how you use the name. So here is my real point. I've been learning our back-end systems at 3L Publishing, which includes the remittance functions for our vendors. Money is important after all. So in my intrepid exploration of the systems, I have constantly run into Apple-related (I won't be kind because honestly they earned it) stupidity. I am specifically talking about their two silos, which should be one system (take a hint from Kindle): iTunes Connect and iTunes Producer. First, let me express my disappointment that any Apple-related product be this disconnected and "dysfunctional". I'm a Mac diehard since the Mac resembled an over-sized lunchbox turned upright on my desk. I use all Apple products. I'm a fan.

I am NOT a fan of iTunes Connect or Producer! Why you ask? For the very point these two systems are silos. Why? Kindle is one system -- yaye! Nook is one system -- yaye! Oh, but noooooo! Not iBooks. No, Mac enthusiasts some "stupid" person at Apple thought this was clever somehow. "Hey Shyler (can't use a traditional name here for a geek), let's make the system not one BUT two!" "Makes sense to me Fredo." So not only do I have to work in two systems -- one to upload titles and another to manage -- BUT and get this one: I have to FIGURE out their sales system. Could they have just made a simple reporting feature? You know a list: you sold this many (named) titles for this much... not hard, right? Oh no again. Not if you're Apple iBooks. You sold this total. No list. No this title for this much. Nope! Someone at Apple who also probably ranked genius somewhere said, "Hey, Berryessa I think we should be brilliant. Just give the people a total!" "Clever, Sanford let's do it!" Now let's go back and smile about Kindle and Nook! Their less-than mad scientists did exactly what the KISS theory commands. One list, title, month, and holy smarts Batman, the total. And here we are. Me praising the competition and scratching my head over my all-time favorite product maker. Apple! Hello! What the heck were you thinking? Oh, yeah ... you were over-thinking. KISS!

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