Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dropped-Off Dog (A Mostly-True "Tail")

The latest children's picture book released from my company 3L Publishing (www.3LPublishing.com) is one of my new favorites (they're all favorites), but this one stands out from the "pack" (ha, ha) because it has a strong social message. Written as a cautionary tale to guide and inform children (and adults) about the perils of dropping off animals in the countryside to fend for themselves. It's a sad story with a happy ending.

The writing by Cathy Lagorio is well-done and well-thought-out, and the story based on her dog, Steve. The illustrations by Robert Kelley are fine art and gorgeous. It's a hardcover book, too.

It's $21.95 and a purchase you'll feel worth every penny. Read it to your kids or grandchildren or even nieces and nephews, especially if they want or already own a pet. The lessons about pet ownership are invaluable. Buy it on the 3L Publishing website to fully support the author -- although it is available on Amazon, too. To purchase, click here.

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