Monday, September 22, 2014

Down-to-Earth Wisdom

I have had this said to me now enough times that I think I'll comment. A common comment people make to me is that (for someone who looks the way I do ... which I don't connect with the idea that looks give you any entitlement ... if DNA blessed you over someone else that is good fortune) for someone who looks the way I do I'm down to earth and so nice and kind. All right so this is the "lecture" of the day. Looks or good looks or anything related doesn't give anyone a ticket to treat other people badly. If I hadn't had so many people make these general comments about me enough times I wouldn't have thought much about it. But after a series of comments, I did start to think about it. After at least a dozen people having made similar statements, I pondered "skin deep" and just got turned off at the thought of women using their looks to get things or manipulate others. Your looks don't give you a hall pass to abuse others or take advantage or act "better than". As noted, let's start with one basic premise: that I got great DNA that helped in that department -- fabulous and my good fortune. Anything I achieve in life I want it to be based on skill, expertise, education and just overall drive and ambition to succeed. Being kind and courteous to others (to me) is a requirement in decency and goodness. Being rude, entitled and generally arrogant or ego-driven is a major turnoff. We're all human beings. And we all deserve respect until we do something that is disrespectful. Being kind, thoughtful and generous to others is about acting decent. And acting decent should have everything to do with what's on the inside and the outside is maybe just a prettier wrapper.

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