Monday, August 25, 2014

True Blood: Season 7, Episode 10 - Series Finale

In an unevenly paced and poorly written season, one of my favorite series came to an end -- True Blood created by Alan Ball. I was completely disappointed in the finale. It dragged, lacked any action, and the closure was disappointing. We got a sappy happy ending for one of the campiest, funniest shows around that produced such great lines as "Sookie's precious fairy vagina."

The show established Bill as Sookie's true love (huh? She had way more chemistry and emotional resonance with Eric), and then showed how he really "loved" her to want to set her free and give her a vampire-free life. They had "kind of" tied up the feelings with Eric in the previous show, but instead of letting the two characters truly wrap it up when Eric saves her one more time they just skipped it. What happened to the love triangle and Sookie loving them both? Those loves scenes from Season 4 all went for not. In the books, Eric and Sookie had the passionate love affair. Bill was just another suitor.

Notes on other story lines: the Hoyt/Jessica wedding was stupid. It wasn't romantic. It was just another disappointment. They turned their relationship into the central true love story. Again,  huh? Why not give Sookie the happy ending in love? The show was about her after all. We (spoiler alert) see her end up with a nameless, faceless guy with a beard. Huh?!

Sorry Alan Ball. You are a great show runner, but this episode and finale just sucked! And I don't mean that as a double entendre.

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