Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Puddle of Life

Today's blog is personal. Several friends have been going through some hard times. After I had my own front-row seat on the show called "Hard Times" I've learned a thing or two. The worst cliché in the world that no one wants to hear turns out to be the truest truth: Time heals all. No one wants to hear that kind of platitude when they're hurting. What good does that do right when you're feel terrible? Most of us would prefer an instant-fix-it-now pill. Sitting in the puddle of our pain and disappointment as we wait for it to evaporate is a wet proposition. You can't dry until it evaporates. In the meantime you get to soak it all in -- good, bad, painful, real and present. Can't make it dry any sooner than it will dry. Can't escape the feeling -- it still is wet. And while this next piece of advice doesn't make it any better it's simple truth: sit in it, feel it, soak it in, and accept it. Yes, you're going to feel it for sure, and it's uncomfortable. But the uncomfortable "wet" spot won't evaporate and get better just because you siphon it off and make a puddle elsewhere. The puddle will still be there just moved. This description is my esoteric and metaphoric way of letting you all know the platitude, the terrible cliché no one likes is true. After a while; after the puddle dries you will feel better. So here is a great idea. Sit and splash in your puddle. Swim in it. Laugh about it. Study it. Understand it. And then when you're ready, get up, look at it, and let the sun dry it up.

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