Thursday, August 28, 2014

Social Media Image Management: What About that Glass of Wine?

We all assume that most people with manners know that social media can be either a positive or negative marketing tool. In terms of personal image management, social media plays a critical role in sculpting impressions of what people perceive about you. Unless you close off your privacy settings, which in business is unproductive, you have to manage your image carefully.

We were talking about this subject in my writers' group. One of the members mentioned many people do not realize that now employers are looking at your page. They do not realize in the competitive race for a great, often-coveted position, employers scrutinize everything including your social media.

Something (and seemingly as harmless) as being photographed with a glass of wine or cocktail in your hand can send a message you don't want an employer to see. Those social media users who also notoriously are photographed with that glass of wine at social events might think, "What's the harm? It's a social gathering?" Problem is all your pictures are at "social" events and at almost every one you are holding that now-famous (and consistently photographed) glass of wine. What do you think employers are thinking now? Alcoholic? Problems with alcohol? Even worse, maybe being an alcoholic couldn't be further from the truth? You only drink occasionally at social events (for real)? Now that same employer looks at your competitor's page. He/she doesn't have a single glass of wine in his/her hand. He/she is NEVER photographed drinking. Do you see the problem. It's merely a "perception" but this impression can actually become a deciding factor during deliberations.

Ask yourself, do you want to squander an opportunity over something so basic and not worth it? So my advice: watch everything you post on social media. No photos of "adult" beverages or even cigarettes. Employers don't have to tell you they don't hire smokers. They can just make a mental note -- end of story.

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