Friday, August 29, 2014

So You Want to Know ... More About Social Media

So I was perusing my blog's most-read items and noticed my posts about social media seem to be popular among readers. In fact, my most popular post for the month of August was about Facebook an social media. So it seems social media trumps True Blood. All right so I have learned everything I know about social media marketing via hands-on experience. I am by no means an expert per se. I am an expert on marketing, public relations and communication -- and these days social media plays an integral role in getting the word out about your business.

The most common complaint or more like "whine" I hear about social media is that it's a time-suck vortex. I give this simple advice on how to manage your social media activities. First, I don't want those of you caught in the vortex to feel guilty. It's easy to get sucked in. I advise users with basic rules to apply.

15/15 Rule--only devote 15 minutes at the beginning and end of your work day to social media. If you have to use a timer, so be it. The larger your following the harder it is to track everyone. Just make it a daily habit. I believe routines make life much easier to get more done in your day. I have specific routines I follow. Positive habits and routine make it easier to keep moving and be productive.

Community Participation--it's not all about you on social media (what? How can that be? LOL). Devote some of your 15/15 time to reviewing and commenting in the news feed (for Facebook). You increase exposure to your brand. Participation attracts more attention to your page.

Provide Content--don't make lame or stupid jokes no one cares about. My husband and I were reviewing this one's users posts and all she did was joke about this and that. It was useless, not very funny (well, not funny at all), and honestly this person started to look ... well, weird. Friends unless you're "Weird" Al Yakovic you do not want people to frown and think you're weird. The idea is to attract business not repel people. Even if you're trying to find a significant other on social media, I don't think weird comes across as sexy or appealing. You DO want to give information, maybe entertain (in a positive way), and help others. Valuable content through great links, insights, and real content like that is provided through a blog attracts business.

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