Thursday, February 27, 2014

When "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Never Applies

Have you ever had a client who is such a major PITA you want to run for the hills every time you see his/her name pop up on your cell phone or in your in-box? PITA clients are the type who cannot be satisfied. No matter how much hand-holding, time and effort you put into them the tagline "satisfaction guaranteed" just never applies. You could jump 200 hoops and "how high" -- and this client would still complain about or criticize your efforts.

Want the solution? Fire them!

Yes, I said the magnificent two-word solution. Don't gasp. Don't cry out: "But I can't afford it." Here is the truth you're right. You can't afford it. You can't afford to have all of your time, effort and resources sucked into a vacuous hole of dissatisfaction. When your time and attention is mired in a PITA you are not open to other possibilities. You are spinning your wheels and most important spending all of your time on the insufferable demands of a PITA. And all of that time "wasted" could have been spent marketing and building relationships with prospects. Guess what else. For that one PITA client you could have five really great clients who love your services and products. They each cost you less time and effort.

So, don't hold onto a PITA. Don't get stuck in the PITA vortex. You can't afford not to fire them!

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