Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Three Things NOT to Do with Social Media

If you're working on building your social media presence for your business, I recommend a split between the professional and personal (small bits and bites about YOU personally but not a lot). The reason I add a "sprinkle" of personal is people like to know who they are working with. Here are three things NOT to do with your social media marketing:

Tip 1: Don't plaster marketing materials on other people's Walls (Facebook) without permission. Nothing turns off a prospect more than having a piece of marketing promo plastered on his/her Wall. It's like using their brochure or business card to doodle on. And worse, it's a marketing piece that is probably not something he/she would have put on his/her Wall in the first place. You will offend and not sell a thing.

Tip 2: Don't ever, ever get into "flame" wars. Do not make a public spectacle out of some argument. If someone gets belligerent on your Wall, "de-friend" them, and then delete the conversations. Protect your public image at all times. You do not want to come off angry or nasty in your prospective customer's eyes. Take the high road -- delete, delete, delete, and then move on.

Tip 3: Don't go for "over-exposure" in your personal life. Like I said, keep it to family and little things. Let your clients and prospects see just enough without going too far. Don't reveal your personal struggles to the point that people might perceive you as unstable. Always keep it positive and honest, but not irresponsible.

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