Friday, February 21, 2014

Book Public Relations Tips

If you're trying to do public relations for your book (which I don't recommend), and you want to reach the media, here are some tips. If you have a publicist then he or she should know this information.

Regional press is easier to get attention. Regional press usually generously consider talent in their own areas. It's easier overall to get the attention of media in the author's city of origin then to try and get national reviews, which doesn't mean national reviews won't happen; it's just easier to first start with the locals.

News angles should focus on regional activities, partnerships or donations. A simple book release won't get the media's attention. Authors whenever possible should partner with for example a charity to promote along with their book. Give portions of proceeds to the charity. For example, the children's book Princess Josie partnered with Canine Companions and donated portions of profits to the group. The media is more likely to use that partnership to spotlight the author.

Major event tie-ins. Books should be tied to major events when applicable. For example, we tied the book So You Want to Live to be 100? to Healthy Heart Month, which is February. Pitch the media and tie the event to the book or position the author as an expert on the subject for articles or stories written about the topic.

Authors as experts. As I just mentioned approached the media and let them know your author is an expert and available for interviews on their subject matter. The interviews won't necessarily discuss the book, but will give authors exposure in that media.

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