Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Book Marketing Tip: Book Festivals are Excellent Marketing Tools

An often-read post on this blog involves either book marketing techniques or storytelling tips. So I thought I would share what I think is the no. #1 book marketing technique that gives you the most for your investment -- festival participation.

Book Festivals: find a book festival near you that specializes in your book's genre. Book festivals are typically hosted by libraries and other nonprofits and sell booth space for as low as $400. Some of the big ones are the LA Times Book Festival (tables though run around $1800 for a 10 x 10); Miami Book Festival (tables cost $400 upward); RT Book Lovers Convention (this year it's in New Orleans); and Tucson Book Festival (where else? Tucson, Arizona).

What return on investment can you expect from a book festival?
  • Direct outreach with your audience/readers. You can meet and greet would-be readers and promote your book.
  • Point of sales, you can sell right to your readers and make some money and spread copies of your books in various markets across the nation.
  • Direct outreach with book reviewers who come by the tables to look at new titles and take them with them which saves postage. They find you, too.
  • Exposure for your title in a fresh market.
  • Media exposure if you promote to the regional media your presence in town.
Tip of the Day: Ship your book ahead of you vs. taking them with you on a plane, which will cost way too much. Ship them to your hotel room.

Tip: Bring a roll-along suitcase to take your books with you to the festival. Create smaller signage that fits in your suitcase that lies flat and then drop clothes for your table. Oh, and don't forge the book display holders, too. Get the kind that fold up and lie flat. 

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