Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Freaky Friday!

You ever have one of those weeks where you think: Is this my life? Always living and flying by the seat of my dress or skirt. The good news: 3L Publishing is just going faster than a speeding bullet, and yes I can leap tall buildings, too ;).

Today I changed my profile back to my favorite photo from Santa Cruz and got an instant marriage proposal LOL ... here is the deal (I may shock you with this one or not). I am not kidding you. I get marriage proposal all of the time from complete strangers. Now I wonder who in the world would ever make such a crazy suggestion without knowing a thing about the person they are striking up such a serious "idea" with? Just a question.

I've always wanted to comment on this topic and since aforementioned proposal just got messaged to me, I thought today was the day. I once had this diamond dealer in NYC made a ridiculous suggestion that he would (if I didn't say yes) "miss me forever..." Say what? How could you possibly miss someone you've never met? Oh, and I've had many silly suggestions I'm "crazy man's soul mate" ... again never met me. Are men that visual that marriage proposals based on looks make any sense whatsoever? Anyone interested in the person? Well, really the truth as told by my male friends goes like this: when a guy sees a pretty girl the first thing that pops into his mind is ... "I want to (four letter word) her." Maybe the more honest approach to such silly suggestions would be that little sentence. And good morning everyone! And this falls under the much-used phrase, I'm just saying ...

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