Monday, February 3, 2014

The First Step of the Day: Get Organized

People always ask me how I get so much accomplished in a day. I have a very specific routine. Yes, it's boring and regimented but it works. One of the first steps you can take in any routine and to start any work day is to get organized. I call this the "first-things-first" model. Of course in my office that requires a cup of coffee ;) first; but the first step to any day is to get organized. Step no. #1 always involves getting the information downloaded for each of the projects from my email. Each client's email (if it contains documents) gets filed in the proper folder -- that way nothing gets forgotten or downloaded in some forgotten segment of the computer. I can't say what your first steps should be, but I always advise entrepreneurs and the self-employed to get a system of organization in place and work it. Routines might take some spontaneity out of the day, but they guarantee your step no. #2 happens, too: make goals. Routines and goals set the pace for the day. I make a morning list of goals each day. I check them off as I go. Once I accomplish my daily goals then I'm done for the day. If it takes longer than expected, I work longer (within reason, of course).

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