Monday, November 18, 2013

Things You Should Know About Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming a hotter and hotter way to market your company. As a business owner, I appreciate the value of being able to reach right to individuals in my audience. There are all sorts of tricks to leveraging your social media presence and increasing visibility. Since Facebook really doesn't come with a manual, some of its capabilities and features are trial-by-error to find and use. I only randomly learn things from other social media users who will mention something in passing. My usual response is, "Oh really?" A few things I've recently picked up.

The more you post the more you're viewed. To move up to the top of the news feed, post frequently enough to move up. Also, some people who like your posts will tag you as a favorite, which can be done by hitting the star next to the person's name. People you mark as favorites will post at the top of the newsfeed, too.

Aforementioned star tags are useful to weed out those posts you don't care about from "friends" you truly don't know. If you want to see more of the people you are most interested to see more of, hit the star next to their names. These people will become priority posts for you to read. Now to a certain extent, Facebook does that its own, too. If you frequently like some person's posts a lot or that person frequently likes your posts, their posts will move up the newsfeed, too.

Two message folders ... a friend of mine said there is a sub-message folder where messages go from people you don't have as friends. I think you can do this under the Privacy settings, which will weed out unfamiliar messages in another folder. A little aside that truly shocked me (because you know I am a naive woman). My same friend showed me how he routinely receives naked photos sent from strangers. My mouth dropped. What are some people thinking? Well, all right I guess for those of us who prefer to message people with our clothes on, this might be shocking and apparently for the rest of you ... not so much.

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