Saturday, November 9, 2013

Marketing: Consistency and Persistency

This strange change started happening with the book sales. We used to rarely get book sales through the 3L Publishing website vs. Amazon. Out of nowhere, sales for all books began to spike and add up. In order to give you a benchmark, we used to get 3L sales about once every two months when a major book wasn't in release. In the last two months, we get near-daily if not daily sales. Not just of one book in particular but across the board with the new books. What are we doing differently with marketing and sales? I actually can't say any one thing in particular. We do continual and habitual marketing through book promotion and PR. We blog, send out a weekly newsletter, and update social media on a regular basis. I haven't been out networking as often as in the past, but I'm finding that social media has replaced the need to network as habitually as I used to do. I will just say one thing: persistence. Make sure you keep your marketing activities persistent. I believe that is what is paying off. Consistent and persistent ... we'll call this C&P. Use C&P in whatever marketing and PR activities you participate in doing. It might take two months or two years, but C&P will eventually generate sales. If you don't do C&P you will have the opposite effect. What goes up in the natural weight of gravity goes down, too. If you keep blowing hot air into the balloon it will rise. If you quit blowing air it will sink. You see how that works? So use C&P to grow your sales.

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