Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Are You a Real Writer?

I run into two kinds of writers. Writers who are absolutely, totally in love with the craft. And writers who are either infatuated with the idea and glamour of being a writer and do nothing to back their declaration: I am a writer. These "writers" are the ones who will ask stupid questions like, "Are you a real writer?" I remember once I was getting a massage and the masseuse asked, "Are you a real writer?" I muse over that question. I've been asked the other silly question, "Are you a real publisher?" To answer both questions: I don't think that writing is like imitation lemonade, artificial or sweeten with Sweet 'n Low. Can you be a "juice drink"? How about on my website ( I post one of those warning labels: writing and publishing sweeten by an artificial talent that involves a lot of hot air and misleading information and is bad for your business. Maybe next time I'm asked, "Are you a real writer?" I'll simply say, "No, I'm an artificially flavored person." LOL ... I can be a real smart ass, though.

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