Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3 Important Tips to Sell Books

I've watched readers and behavior when interacting with books. Here are the three things you want to be your very best to close a sale:

1. Enticing book cover -- the very first thing that lures in readers is a great book cover. A great book cover is the first draw to get a prospective reader to pick up your book. It's the first step toward a sale.

2. Fantastic title -- readers walk up, they see an intriguing title. A great title should be interesting, mysterious, intriguing, and not so own the nose direct that it won't spark the question, "What is this book about?" Note: If your title is esoteric or unique, make sure your subtitle tells the reader what the book is really about. Your subtitle should be direct.

3. Captivating back-cover copy -- reader picks up book based on cover and title and what does he/she do next? Flip the book over and read the back-cover copy. I've learned that you need to make sure your copy reaches the right audience. My book Body in the Trunk had a first draft of the back-cover that misled readers into thinking it was a romance novel when it was a murder mystery. When I realized that mistake, I rewrote it and reprinted it. You want to capture the interest of readers who enjoy your genre and not rule them out by not communicating the contents of your book effectively. 

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