Wednesday, April 27, 2016

1 Tip to Keep Social Media Audience Interest

How do you grow your followers without having to do the outreach? I have one key tip:

Keep your posts interesting!

I didn't say salacious, profane or hateful. Keeping your posts interesting doesn't require you post your bare skin, bikini pictures, or anything that resembles Playboy.

Keeping it interesting requires lots of pictures (people like visuals), thoughtful or provocative, and generally intelligent. When you're out and about look for the opportunity to photograph something different. Food shots are marginally interesting if it's a great meal or wine or even coffee.

Beauty is all around you. Interesting things happen all around you. Make note of these things on social media. Write your own great quotes and thoughts. Inspire other people. Use your life events and lessons learned to share and help other people grow from your experiences. Use humor or be humorous in your responses to other people's posts.

All business these days benefit from social media, but remember it's "social" and social means being social and sharing. Businesses should not use social media in a cold marketing and advertising way. People aren't on social media to read advertisements or like advertisements. Businesses would best be served to put a marketing authority in charge of their social media and give this person permission and parameters on what to post, but keep it real.

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