Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Erotic Writing is Not an Invitation to Send Me a "Selfie"

So those who have erotic content in their books will find this to be true. A friend of mine has an erotic chapter in his book, and he's constantly showing me Tweets or things "fans" send him based on a particularly sexy chapter in his book. When I wrote California Girl Chronicles (books 1 and 2) the consistent question, "Is that based on your life?" Now I have to be honest that my friend's salacious photos he gets sent from overly zealous fans I find a bit astonishing. A Smart Phone and a selfie stick will go a long ways toward personal debauchery. But we're digressing ...

If I wrote it doesn't mean I'm doing it or having done it or will be doing it. Let's put "fun" and erotic writing as based on some experience (I'm obviously not a prude) and a fabulous imagination. If you think all erotic writers are secret porn stars your mind has run amok. Are we great writers (especially if the scene is particularly hot)? Yes. Are we all running around mindlessly and without morals or values having sex with anyone who sends us a naked selfie? NO! Writing scenes for the sake of entertainment and inviting anonymous sex is a whole other thing. If you find a scene in my book alluring, great I've done my job. I'm happy. But if you turn around and want to send me your (a-hem) manhood, save it brother.

My new book Body in the Trunk does have some highly charged and sexy chapters. Hope you enjoy it once it's officially released. If you're entertained! Great! The rest let's just put it how your mother said it best, "Keep it to yourself."

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