Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Change Your Business Model for More Success

I had a conversation yesterday with a client about marketing. We were talking about why one method of marketing always seems to work, but it also worked for only a short period of time. Over the years the businesses I've seen thrive are those whose leadership is flexible and nimble on their proverbial "feet". Management is responsive and understands that "change" and more importantly the "ability to change" with the marketplace will take the company forward.

Companies that get stuck in a rut and unresponsive as the marketplace shifts will often find their market share erodes over time. Cutting-edge leaders in an area are often confronted with competition, and then that competition eats into that market share. Leading-edge companies know that the minute their competitors step into the arena, it's time to reinvent the arena. And that takes the aforementioned flexibility.

They key is to avoid being the old dog who begrudgingly learns the new trick. You should be the eager manager who when presented with an exciting idea doesn't say, "How do I do it?" but rather "When do I do it?"

This year, I'm am going to be the eager leader who embraces new opportunities and changes the business model to fit the shifting attitudes and marketplace. I have some major announcements coming up, and I'm in negotiations with a new business partner. The intention is to take 3L Publishing to the next level, grow into an emerging market opportunity, and then shift directions with our acquisitions. It's time to pull up and look under the hood (or in this case "book cover") and fine-tune the engine. I'm looking forward to the upcoming changes and shifts. 2015 is going to be our best year ever.

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  1. No wonder you have been on my mind. hahhahaahah

    Can't wait to sit down with you, hear more and see the bright future you are imagining come into being!