Sunday, January 18, 2015

American Sniper: Movie Review

*****Five Stars

Yet another really well-done movie from the incomparable Clint Eastwood -- and another amazing film in the middle of some really great and new films just released.

The movie is the true story of Chris Kyle AKA "The Legend" who shot down the most terrorists during four tours of the Iraqi War. The movie depicts a beautiful balance between Chris the man and Chris the sniper. In-between taut war scenes, we come to understand this is a man driven by intense personal integrity, humility, sensitivity and love of family and country. The movie begins with an authentic foundational scene where we discover Chris' gift with the rifle, but also what his father and mother taught him about life, bullies and heroism.

The movie then shifts to right before the 9/11 and finally the war. As we watch Chris meticulously take out one insurgent after the other, we also understand the emotions behind the acts. While Chris might have made the "shooting" look almost effortless, it was not emotionally effortless -- it took its toll on his humanity. The script was pitch-perfect and hit every beat with seamless effort and storytelling. Cooper's inward emotional performance resonates all over his handsome face, and it's obvious that this entire situation takes it's "pound of flesh" from this true American hero.

No spoilers here. Go see this incredible film. I sat forward in my seat the whole time and intently watched and enjoyed it.

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