Monday, July 8, 2013

Target and Niche Marketing

If you're an entrepreneur or even an author (authors have to market, too) then I want to call your attention to the value of target marketing and the problem with casting too broad a net. I recently got advertised to on Facebook for a group called "Seniors Meet" ... your last chance at love LOL. Now I'm sure the demographic for Seniors Meet is naturally senior citizens. I started laughing. Looking at my picture on the blog. Do I look like I fit into the geriatric crowd? You're all now shaking your heads, "No Michelle." Casting too broad a net to market or advertise products or services is a complete waste of time, resources and money. I am not old enough to be considered a senior citizen. So what criteria did the marketers put on their social media ad? I would imagine the age range they included had to be women in their 40's. Are women in their 40's senior citizen? Um no Bob they are not quite there yet. Middle-aged perhaps but hardly ready for a walker. What value did this give the marketers? It likely cost them more money to reach out to 40-year-old women. Was that effective? No! But I will tell you this about niche marketing: if you do reach out to what we in marketing and public relations call the "sweet spot" (the right demographics), the payday can be big. Your marketing pro might need to hone in on the media that reaches that prime market. Marketer usually request this kind of information from media hosts in the forms of media kits. Casting a broad net doesn't work. It makes someone like myself laugh and make fun of it. Casting a specific, drill-down net to the exact right market produces results and success.

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