Monday, January 16, 2017

Sexy, Good Fun: California Girl Chronicles

I had a dream last night. I was walking through a local library and spotted California Girl Chronicles, book 1 and 2 on the shelves. They had been well worn and read. I also noticed that they had a hard copy of book 2, Brea’s Big Break. I wondered, “Who got this printed?” What a strange dream. I felt proud the books had been obviously read a lot since they were tattered up.

I’ve always called California Girl Chronicles like chewing bubble gum – it’s sweet, fun and a way to pass time, especially on the beach. Both books are sexy, funny and frivolous in many ways. I was in a different frame of mind when I wrote these books. Today five years later after so much in my life has changed, I’ve considered whether or not I need to get a little more frivolous again.

I was driving UBER and put the books behind the seats in the little pocket. A passenger picked up the second book, which says “It’s Sex in the City meets Entourage.” The girl says, “Oh cool!” Now that is an interesting way to gage reader reactions – put your book in the seat pocket and let people see it. Then listen to their reactions.

Here’s an even better situation. Now both books 1 and 2 are available as eBooks/Kindle. Get this: the first book “Brea and the City of Plastic” cost .99© … score. The second book “Brea’s Big Break” is $2.99. You can have both books for $3.99. Pretty, pretty good!

Copies are available in print, too.

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