Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I am a bad author

Violating my own rule of being an author, I have been caught many times now without any of my books to sell. Driving UBER as a quick way to bring in cash, many riders have asked me, "Why don't you have your book in the car?" OMG! Why don't I?

My imagination went wild. I need a magazine-like rack on the back of my car seat. Yeah, you know ... like the doctor's office. If they browse the book and want to buy it, I can sell books via my car. Is this just crazy or what?

Then I thought, "Man who am I to lecture authors about having their books on them all of the time when I'm not carrying mine?" You know what everybody, I had to stop and wonder about my card-carrying author rights about then. Good question.

Well, I need some "braggadocio" going on here. Yes, I am not really an UBER driver. I'm a publisher/author pretending to be an UBER driver. It's like Halloween year-round. See my easy costume? Sweater and pants -- just need to now bring the books! Many of the riders I pick up in the City would love California Girl Chronicles.

Well, back to the grindstone... and now I'm going to sell drive-a-book services! :)

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