Monday, January 9, 2017

Habits and Attitudes Will Inspire You

Here comes the launch of Habits and Attitudes by Lance Casazza. It will go on sale January 21st on Amazon. I LOVE THIS BOOK (did the all caps emphasize enough: I LOVE THIS BOOK?). Why did I fall in love with the book? It inspired me right when I needed it the most. You see I read 52 stories about people just like me and their journeys and realized: I am not alone! YES!

I’ll be honest (and some of you know) 2016 was no cakewalk. The departure of my business partner in such messy way started my year off just wrong. The financial crumbling created from the situation and the behavior that led up to it. To make matters worse, it was a personal loss as well. Stuck and facing some ugly realities left behind, I was beginning to wonder what was going to happen. Then …

I worked on Habits and Attitudes and here is what I learned:

Many, many, many successful people have faced the very same challenges and overcome them.

I was feeling like a failure. How could I have fallen so far into so many financial problems I just couldn’t get ahead? I am an educated, experienced and seasoned publisher and marketing and PR expert. How could this have happened? Yet reading these stories really encouraged me. I realized something important: this moment of struggle didn’t define who I am or my future success.

As I read the habits and attitudes used by these amazing individuals to achieve their dreams, I was inspired. I decided to put my mind only on those things that were about positive, forward motion and growth. I set up some new goals to achieve. I began ensuring that every morning I meditated and faced each day with a positive outlook. I focused on positive self-talk and inspiring mantras.

I already did some of those things, but what Habits and Attitudes reinforced is that successful people do those things, too. I decided with the new year I would get up every day and contact at least 5 people in my network to let them know I can help them prosper in some way. In my goal to help them do well then it would help my business get back on track, too. And Chris taught me this one:

Don’t forget to just breathe and take a deep breath.

Now I don’t have to endorse books I publish. In this book’s case I highly endorse it. Just reading each person’s list of habits and their attitudes is very enlightening. If you don’t do the things these people do, then you will be inspired to try them. If you do some of things already you will get fresh ideas. My favorite section is the called “The Parting Shot” where each person leaves the reader with their overall ideas about life and inspired thinking.

Habits and Attitudes releases on Amazon and in eBook on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and iBook on January 21st. You will thank me for recommending it when you pick it up.

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